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More Customer Feedback

Hi Tamalee,

I need to take a short moment to say THANK YOU!

I have just completed my first motivational video under your excellent guidance. The course is fantastic. I am absolutely not a tech wizard but I was able to follow the step by step instructions to complete my first video about a week ago.
It is for me a full fillment of a dream that started almost 2 years ago when I saw a film on YouTube for the first time ( Sacrifice: by TAP) . And as a stress/motivation consultant I thought that's how I need to get my message out.
But I had no idea how to do it.

To cut a long story short you have helped me take the steps needed on this wonderful (and frikking scary??) adventure. I find myself both laughing and crying with happiness sometimes. I am walking around with a big idiotic smile on my face at these days...

Just wanted to take the time to write you and congratulate you on doing something so awesome that it will spread out and do good for people around the globe for generations to come.

Gilbert M

" I was lost in trying to figure everything out for myself and did not know what to focus on to create an inspirational video.

The Inspire With Video masterclass broke everything down for me into easily understandable manageable chunks that I could implement.

I am now on my way to creating a viral inspirational video thanks to this course... "

"Hi Tamalee, I actually finished my first inspirational video, with my own voice and already put it online on facebook 24hrs after buying your course.

Just needed to know a little push and knowledge where to find the footages..."

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