It's 2023 ... If you want to Stand Out ... You have to start looking at Communication with the World in a New Way ...

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Communicating with Energy & Emotion.

Not sounding like a "used car salesman"

Yes I Want This ...

Movie trailers are the best at using emotion and energy to get people excited and intrigued about their upcoming movies.

They touch people on a highly emotional level ... using a perfect combination of visuals, music and sounds.

They are masters at creating a multi sensory experience that inspire people to engage further into what ever they are selling.

This is the perfect time to

With this skill ... You will be able to :

  • raise awareness for your spiritual business ...

  • attract new clients to your coaching business ...

  • help you build your email list of customers and clients ...

  • build up a massive YouTube channel ...

  • inspire & motivate your students or co workers ...

  • to make YouTube Ads for your business ...

  • raise awareness for a great cause ...

  • and anything else you can think of that needs attention ...

You Will Get Access Immediately To Everything Immediately:

Here are some of the video tutorials that are included for immediate access  ...

How To Make An Empowering Video

Animation Storytelling Video Tutorial

How To Make An Inspirational Video

Make A Positive Message Video

Recording A Pro Sounding Voice Over

Step by Step Motivational Video Tutorial

Many Ways To Monetize Your Videos

Getting Seen When You Have No Followers

Massive Directory of Video Assets

Checklist to help Stay On Track

Create Eye Catching Thumbnails

Create A Website To Embed Videos On

How To Set up an Email List Form On Your Website

Making an Instagram Story Video

Video Editing Software Options

Hiring Amazing Voice Over Artists

Writing Your Inspiring / Motivational Script

Make An Inspiring Book Trailer

Easy Doodle Video Creation

{Coming Soon}

Adding Sound Effects for Bigger Impact

{Coming Soon}

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Who Will Benefit From This "Beginner Friendly" Video Course ...

  • "Bite - Sized Easy To Follow Over the Shoulder" Video Tutorials

    — Anyone who wants to make a Positive Impact

    –Anyone who wants to make Faith Based Videos

    — Entrepreneurs looking for New Ways to Stand Out

    — Lightworkers who want to reach more people

    — Authors wanting to create amazing book trailers

    — Whoever wants to start a Motivational/Inspirational YouTube Channel

    — Business Owners wanting to reach new customers or clients

    — Teachers wanting to Inspire & Motivate their Students

    — Anyone who just wants to Inspire, Motivate & Uplift Humanity …

Here's What You're Getting When You Join "The Inspire With Video Masterclass" Today...

  • Save Time & Money by having Everything You Need handed to you on a Silver Platter

    Nobody has hours and hours to learn how to make these videos.  So they are all right to the point NO FLUFF / FILLER content. Only exactly what you need to get your videos created.

    New video tutorials are being added over time …

  • Super Easy to Follow Video Tutorials So You Can Get Your Videos Created FAST

    Watch Me Create These Video Styles and Other Thing You NEED to Know

    — Motivational Video

    — Inspirational Video

    — Animated Story Video

    — Visual Storytelling Video

    — Easy Instagram Story Video

    — How To Find The Perfect Audio & Footage

    — How To Build Up Your Audience by Growing An Email List

    — Quickly Creating A WordPress Website and Embedding Your Videos

    — Multiple Ways To Monetize Your Videos

    — How To Create Stunning Thumbnails So you Get Clicks

    — Motivational & Inspirational Script Templates

    — How to Write Your Inspiring & Motivational Script

    — Adding Sound Effects For A Big Impact  (coming soon)

    — Make Spiritual Quotes Video (coming soon)

    — Doodle Animation Video (coming soon)

    — Inspiring Book Trailer (coming soon)

    — Steps to build an email list of raving fans

    — Record Your Own Professional Voiceover using free software

    — Where I Find affordable pro sounding voice over artists

    — My favorite places for finding stunning stock video footage

    — My best places for finding amazing royalty free music so no need to worry about copyright issues.

    — I created a MASSIVE directory of resources for stock video footage, images, music, images etc so you will never run out of assets for your videos.

Please Do Not Join If ...

  • This Course is Not For You If:

    — You are looking for perfection

    — This is a passion project for me and I love that people are interested in doing this also but it is not a finished product and will be evolving so if that will bother you please do not join.

    — This course is a work in progress and new tutorials are being added over time

    — You don’t want to put in the work to get your videos created

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100% Money Back Guarantee

There is no risk to you … I take all of the risk.

Try it out for 3 days … (this is more than enough time to go through it all and make a few videos)

And If you decide it is not for you after you checked it all over … no worries.

Just email me anytime here … and I will refund every penny and remove you from the training.

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